What is Traffic Law?

Traffic Law might include any of the following traffic offenses:

• Defective car equipment or vehicle moving violations
• Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI or DWI offenses)
• Driving while license suspended, revoked, restricted, or invalid
• Invalid or expired vehicle registration
• Expired or missing motor vehicle liability insurance
• Commercial vehicle violations of federal regulations

Who is involved?

Juveniles or adults who require representation or legal counseling on any of the traffic offenses listed above and other traffic-related issues

How can Joseph Baca assist you?

Joseph can provide representation and legal counsel for any of the above traffic matters.  He can also provide legal counsel or representation on Driver’s License Administrative Hearings or other hearings related to a loss, suspension, or restriction of a driver’s license.  His prior prosecution experience in the Sumner County Attorney’s Office was primarily in traffic offenses, especially concerning DUI/DWI charges and commercial vehicle federal regulation violations.

Representation by Joseph includes his prior jury trial experience on many traffic offenses.  Joseph is not only able to represent and counsel clients on traffic offenses, but also has knowledge of many of the collateral penalties relating to a traffic case, including licensing penalties and official driving record entries.