What is Property / Financial Collection Law?

Generally, property or financial collection matters are legal proceedings initiated against individuals by a lending business, credit agency, or even a government body. These debt collection proceedings usually involve the agency making an attempt to collect on claimed unpaid services,  goods, or other fees. These attempts to collect a claimed debt can involve real property (foreclosure of mortgages on houses), personal property (repossession of automobiles), or finances (child support payment given to a government agency to collect).

Who is involved?

Individuals who have had property or financial proceedings initiated against them by a lending business, credit agency, or government body

How can Joseph Baca assist you?

Joseph can provide representation and legal counsel to clients who have had such actions filed against them.  He can work towards a settlement or litigation. In addition, Joseph can provide legal counsel and representation on:
• Attempts to place a lien on property
• Attempts to repossess property
• Financial collection lawsuits
• Foreclosure actions
• Attachment and Garnishment on wages actions
• Any other area of financial or property collection defense

Joseph has previously worked representing lending businesses in these matters, so he is intimately familiar with what these agencies must do in order to get a judgment and what they look for in settlement negotiations.  Joseph can counsel and represent your interests on these matters in court or through settlement negotiations.