What is Criminal Law?

Criminal Law can include a wide range of misdemeanors or felonies for:

• Personal crimes
• Sex offenses
• Drug offenses
• Property crimes
• Juvenile offenses
• Fish and Game or Wildlife offenses

Who is involved?

• Juveniles or adults who have been charged with any criminal offense
• Family members or legal guardians involved in other matters filed by the State of Kansas, including child in need of care petitions or care and treatment matters

How can Joseph Baca assist you?

Joseph can provide representation and legal counsel for any of the above matters.  He has experience in all matters listed above and will utilize his skills as a prior prosecutor for Sumner County to examine your case thoroughly and provide experienced representation and compassionate legal counseling.

Having worked as a prosecutor for years, Joseph knows what burdens a prosecutor needs to meet in order to get a conviction.  He knows the proper procedures a law enforcement officer must follow in order to provide an effective investigation and properly gather evidence.  Representation and legal counseling provided by Joseph includes his experience from both sides of the law.