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Moving Violations – Flashing Traffic Signals

Moving Violation Offenses In a prior blog post, we reviewed a statute regarding an offense on interfering with a traffic control signal.  One question I also often receive asks, what is the exact procedure when a traffic light is out and only flashing either  →

Equipment and License Violations – Child Safety Seats

Equipment and License Vioations A common question asked regarding traffic violations in Kansas is what exact ages are child safety seats legally required versus seat belts?  In a prior post, we examined the requirements and exemptions for seat belt equipment in Kansas vehicles.  This  →

DUI – Immunity of Persons Involved in Testing

DUI When law enforcement performs a test on a person suspected of driving under the influence, can that suspected person have any legal action against the testing facility or person performing the test?  K.S.A. 8-1024 provides immunity from legal actions for  →

Moving Violations – Rights of Animal Drawn Carriages or Animal Riding

Moving Violation Offenses In a prior post, we reviewed the rules Kansas has relating to passing persons on bicycles.  Today’s post also relates to non-vehicle transportation.   We examine a Kansas statute relating to persons driving animal drawn carriages or riding animals. KSA  →

Equipment and License Violations – Habitual Violator Defined

Equipment and License Vioations One of the most serious sanctions that the Kansas Department of Revenue can issue is being labeled as a “habitual violator.”  KSA 8-285 defines how the Department of Revenue determines when a person is a habitual violator.  Essentially, if a  →

DUI – Determination for Diversion by Prosecutor

DUI In Kansas, there are certain requirements a person must meet in order to legally qualify for diversion.  We will examine these minimum legal requirements in an upcoming blog post.  Once a person meets the minimum legal requirements, are they eligible  →

Moving Violations – Duty of Driver When Damaging Unattended Vehicle or Property

Moving Violation Offenses Today’s post may not necessarily be considered a moving violation in certain states, but it is a question that I often hear when talking with people about traffic issues.  What lengths does a driver need to go to in order  →

Equipment and License Violations – Seat Belt Exceptions in Kansas

Equipment and License Vioations The use of seat belts has been adopted by nearly everyone in the United States today.  It was not too long ago that many people objected to the use of seat belts, or, at least, wanted it to be a  →

DUI – Persons Under the Age of 21

DUI Does a person under the legal drinking age in Kansas suffer the same penalties for Driving Under the Influence?  For the most part, the answer is “yes.”  There are differences in potential penalties for a person who is under 16  →

Moving Violations – Racing on Highways

Moving Violation Offenses Everyone understands that there are speeding restrictions on the highways of Kansas.  To drive faster than posted or drive at a slow enough speed that you impede traffic are offenses in Kansas.  Is there a separate offense, however, for driving  →