Welcome blog fans! My name is Joseph Baca and I am an attorney in Kansas. Most of the locations in Kansas in which I practice are rural, but I have dealt with Kansas traffic laws in areas containing large Interstate Highways as well as “back county” roads. I prosecuted Kansas traffic laws with the Sumner County Attorney’s Office for over three years and now I am gaining experience dealing with these same traffic laws representing clients for their defense. Strange to some attorneys, but I have always enjoyed dealing with traffic laws and I am eager to continue my analysis through my new career as a defense attorney and with you readers through this blog.

A few words on how this blog will analyze traffic laws. I felt it was important, in this first blog, to only discuss with readers the goals I have in mind when I write. This blog is not aimed at attorneys! If you search the Internet, you will find numerous traffic law blogs, especially concerning DUI or DWI offenses (Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated). When an attorney writes a blog for another attorney, it is generally an update on recent cases or changes in their respective states’ law. While it is important to stay current, I believe they are missing many steps in our progress towards a better understanding of traffic laws. I want everyone to enjoy this blog! Rather than diving into “legalese” and lenghty statute language, I want to look at traffic laws from a public policy standpoint and see what an average motorist thinks of them. I want to analyze how a law is viewed from the eyes of a prosecutor trying to prove a traffic offense was committed as well as how a defense attorney sees this same law. Why do we have this law? What is it’s purpose? I firmly believe when you understand why a legislature passes a law and what they are looking to promote or prevent, you are on a path towards a deeper understanding of traffic law. Why is this law on the books? What do prosecutors think? What do defense attorneys think? Most importantly, what do you think!?

I am writing this blog on the first day my own legal office opened. I hope to learn alongside this blog. I welcome any comments or questions in response to any post. This blog will be a discussion from both sides. I hope to utilize my time as a prosecutor and my new experiences as a defense attorney to engage in a healthy discussion about traffic laws. Finally, while I realize I will be vaguely referencing the laws as they are stated in Kansas, many states share the same elements of a traffic offense. I welcome any comments on any differences in state traffic laws on any particular blog. Given my plan is to analyze these laws from a general perspective, I believe the differences from state to state will be minimal. Thank you for reading and I look forward to blogging. Drive safe everyone!