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Joseph C. Baca is a Sumner County, Harper County, and Kingman County Criminal Defense Attorney and Family Law Attorney

Former Prosecution Experience Working for You!

Joseph Baca is a licensed Kansas attorney primarily serving clients in Sumner County, Kingman County, and Harper County.  He is a former prosecuting attorney and has also served as prior legal counsel for various credit and lending agencies performing mortgage foreclosures and financial collection actions. These legal positions have afforded Joseph experience from the initiation of a case through jury trial.

How Joseph Can Help You

Traffic Offenses

Have you been charged with a moving violation, driving while suspended, or driving under the influence? Visit our traffic law page for information on how Joseph can assist you on these matters and their relative licensing penalties.

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Criminal Law

Are you facing jail, prison, or other severe potential penalties for a criminal misdemeanor or felony? Learn how Joseph can provide legal counsel and advocate for your rights throughout this difficult process on our criminal law page.

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Family Law

Wondering how to navigate the process of a divorce, child custody matter, or other related legal family issue? Our family law page can help you decide if we can provide the legal counseling and resolution you seek during this emotional time.

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Financial Law

Do you have questions relating to a collection action being initiated against you or your property? Joseph has experience working with a credit agencies to resolve debt issues. Visit our financial law page on how he can help.

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